Launch Site: 709 Bayshore Blvd 33759, Clearwater

The City of Clearwater developed this park for passive recreation along the waterfront, with few amenities but many scenic views. Launching is available on the hard mud surfaces along the waterfront where there are breaks in the mangroves, in the north and south portions of the park. The sides of the bank are steep towards the north. Launching from the park puts you right in the middle of Cooper’s Bayou. This area is a tidally influenced body of water that is lined with mangroves and rich in biodiversity. A number of fish inhabit the waters here and shorebirds thrive along the waterís edge as well as several oyster beds along the waterfront. Egrets, hawks and stingrays have all been known to frequent the area. Along the waterfront are vast expanses of seagrasses, so keep an eye out for manatees and dolphins in this area.